A random sampling of what’s on my Ipod. As usual, nothing has been omitted.

Billy Bragg – This land is your land

Eh. Not Billy’s greatest but I can appreciate his sentiment. Kind of hokey but I’m glad someone still gives a shit.

Black Keys – Things ain’t like they used to be

This Black Key record has been coming up lately. I think it’s my Ipod trying to tell me something since I didn’t give it too deep of a listen the first time around. Slow, southern rock jam you can stay up late drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes to.

Melody Gardot – Deep within the corners of my mind

From my wife’s collection I swear. Actually this is nice, light French pop star, torch song stuff. I’m guessing she’s French from her name and Americans aren’t going in this direction these days. Good stuff. I’ll keep it with mine….she doesn’t sound like Nico.

Elvis Presley – Follow that dream

Happy upbeat Elvis. Hipsters might have turned their backs on Elvis, but if you can’t bop along to this, you’re dead inside.

Madvillain – Fancy Clown

All this Madvillain stuff is great. This doesn’t have anything to do with food surprisingly enough. It’s a revenge on an old girlfriend track that, despite the subject matter, is a solid jam.

Brand New – Tautou

Guilty pleasure. Love these guys. On this album, the snare drum is like having a bottle broken over your head. Whoever produced this is a genius.

Shane Macgowan and the Popes – St. John of Gods

I never bought this when it came out because it was on import ($$$) and frankly I didn’t put any stock in what Shane was becoming. But I got this years later and it’s probably the best of Shane’s post-Pogues output. Never has there been a happier song about telling everyone to fuck off.

Mark Mothersbaugh – Loquasto International Film Festival

The second this came on I thought, ‘sounds like something from a Wes Anderson movie.’ And as usual, I was right. Good stuff in small doses.

Ween – Flutes of Chi

I don’t know if Ween is being serious when they record something like this (or anything for that matter) but whatever they’re thinking, I’m glad they do it.

King Tubby – Ethiopian Version

Literally anything with the King Tubby name on it is worth listening to. If you want to get into some dub but don’t know where to start, King Tubby is all you need to know.

White Stripes – The Nurse

Some wicked cymbal crashes in here. Anyone who says Meg isn’t a good drummer is a sexist bastard.

Amon Amarth – Varyags of Miklagaard

Had a hard time spelling this one. Great Viking metal. Can there be any other kind?

Oasis – Supersonic

A classic that’s always good to hear. Every time I hear the drums and the opening riff, I can see a sea of white kids moving their shoulders while holding gin and tonics.

Inspiral Carpets – Commercial Rain

Serendipity with the Ipod? Well, seeing how Noel Gallagher was a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets before he made it big with the above band, I’d say it’s a strange coincidence these two are right next to each other. Even the drumbeat is a tad similar.

Taking Back Sunday – Number Five with a Bullet

Another guilty pleasure. Of all those pop punk bands from this era, these guys were one of the best. Totally singable, totally rock and roll.

Slayer – Read between the lines

Praising Slayer is futile because they are so badass it never does them justice. It was just fitting that this was the last song of this run. Hail Slayer.

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