I think I understand the Lost backlash. It’s like when a band you love gets really popular and starts pumping out crap. You feel cheated that you invested so much time, possibly money and your hipness putting your support behind the product. Lost fans, in the twilight of the series, are acting the same way: disappointed with the direction the show has taken and the seemingly shoddy writing, some are predicting failure for the show’s finale on May 23rd. But that was before last week’s episode What They Died For which was a delicious appetizer for the finale. I’m predicting it will be great and further down, I will predict how it will all end.

I’m withholding judgment on this particular season until it’s all over. I’ve did find this one to be confounding though: too many new questions and concepts introduced too late in the game for a reasonable conclusion to take shape. Still, I’m along for the ride and will let the usual histrionic fans vent their frustration by posting outlandish venom on the message boards.

And before I get to my prediction, I’d like to posit this one idea: we were introduced the idea of the “long con” by way of Sawyer in earlier episodes of the series. Since then we’ve seen various incarnations of long cons being put into effect by different characters. Wheels within wheels of secret maneuvers put in motion to achieve their aims. What if this final season is some sort of con put upon us by the creators of the show? If you think about it, the fans are now divided and arguing much like the characters have been for the past couple of seasons. Most think the show has gone off the rails and are in revolt while a small few are kicking back, having faith the creators have a plan and that it will all pan out. Sound familiar?

It should because that’s what’s gone on in the show. Now Jack has converted to a man of faith and characters like Sawyer seem to vacillate between going along with the plan and refusing it outright. The fans have been doing the same thing this season.  Some want off the ride that is the Island and aren’t putting up with the producer’s shit anymore (something tells me they’re still watching though). Another group of fans, like Jack, are hanging in there against all logic. They want to see how it all plays out, no matter how ridiculous it gets. I guess I’m a little like Jack at this point.

Show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse seem a little agitated by fairly legitimate questions that fans have been left wondering (the outrigger – a fairly new mystery, will not be resolved….total crap because it would have been easy to do). Their reactions make me think they have been caught off guard by the negative feedback they’ve received (hubris) on the season and have now set themselves up in a way that no matter how it ends up, they can just wash their hands of it. Claiming that they won’t answer any questions once the finale airs probably is a good indication of this.

I don’t blame them. Internet commentors are typically the most obnoxious and ignorant assholes on the planet (present company excluded). Having those people tell you that you suck is like having a homeless guy inform you that you need a shower. Still, no matter what they say and how they spin it, it’s obvious that by choosing to have only one more season of Lost, they created a very small window that they weren’t able to cram everything through. I do appreciate what the show has been and agree with Lindelof and Cuse that throwing away the entire series for how it ends up is just silly. If that were the case, The Wire would be the worst show on television, not one of the best. As I stated before, I’m in it for the long haul, and like my favorite band, I’ll listen to what they have produced and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

Now, my prediction. If any of this seems obvious to you, suck my dick.

The Lost creators have long stated their love for Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. So revered is King’s seven book cycle, that several concepts and nods have appeared in the show. I was moved to read the series, not once but twice because I thought it could provide me with some insight into just what these bastards were getting at.

If you haven’t read it, you’re probably shit out of luck getting through seven books of Stephen King’s well crafted, yet very long masterpiece by the time the finale of Lost rolls around this weekend. I won’t spoil it for you, but among other things, the Dark Tower deals with alternate realities, time loops and all sorts of fucked up shit. Plus a tower that if it falls, will erase all of existence….sound familiar? Without revealing the exact ending of the Dark Tower (which may come into play in Lost) I can reveal something that happens just before the ending. (It’s kind of a spoiler, but by the time you get around to reading it, you will have forgotten all about my ramblings)

One character leaves the world populated by the main character Roland and returns to a version of her New York City. Here she finds other characters who died in Roland’s world and reunites with them. For a moment, she remembers her connection with them while they only have a vague understanding that they should link up with this character. This fades after awhile but the characters presumably go on to a happily ever after.

Lost will end much the same way. Jack will take over as the island guardian, but in the process of doing so, he will see the deaths of the remaining castaways. Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and all the rest will be killed and there will be nothing he can do about it. There will probably be a confrontation with the Man in Black (another Dark Tower reference) which will leave Jack as the last man standing. I think the Island is supposed to sink but in some way Jack will either live out the rest of his life on the island -by himself- or left swimming in the water where the Island was –by himself.

Now, remember what Miles said to Sawyer about Juliet? As Juliet faded out during her final death scene, she seemingly had a conversation with someone off the island. Miles claimed she said “It worked.” Juliet was the very first to pass over and have the double vision of alternate reality and Island reality. Several characters were given glimpses in the alternate reality but hadn’t fully awakened in between timelines like Desmond -and now Hurley- have presumably done. As the remaining Losties die off (at the hands of MIB), they will awaken in the alternate reality.

Jack, fully assuming that his friends are dead and he is yet again the cause, will be bummed out. But when he finally “dies” on the island, he will wake up in the alternate reality, with all the knowledge of his island life, but in the other time line. The last one to cross over.

The end scene, like the very beginning, will be Jack’s eye opening and Kate’s voice saying his name. He will have finally arrived at his destination.

Or something like that.

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